[2022/11/14] stuDYING

By 8 PM, I realized that I have a little more than 12 hours until my exam tomorrow and I was so doomed because I still had a lot to write about and to memorize. Also, I need at least 7 hours of sleep. So I guess the time wasn’t really on my side.

Anyway, I studied and studied until I was too sleepy, then I went to bed. Panicking, of course.

Okay but aside from this depressing moment, I think my day went quite well for three reasons:

First, TN brought 2 game consoles and introduced AH and I to his Harry Potter Lego Game. It was like an adventure and quest-solving game and you can play with multiple players. Also, you can change the genders of the characters in the middle of the game. As I learned from hearing them shouting, this is extremely handy when they had to distract some monsters. I didn’t get to play at all because I had to study, but I didn’t mind just listening in and cheering at them once in a while as a study break!

Second, my group in Business Intelligence is truly the best one yet. Both BW and AT were very responsible and cheerful people. They came in prepared with questions and concerns. They are also super willing to take on some work and make sure that the project is done to the best of their abilities. They really cared, I think that was the most important thing. If only all my groups were like this…! Actually, that is almost an impossible wish, because in order to be in good group and working with great people, I had to try very very hard. I had to adapt my leadership and team-working styles to match with people. I figured out my strength and sweet spots. I also find out the kind of people that I absolutely cannot work with and the kind that I would die to have on my team. Additionally, I must complete my communication skills so that I don’t offend people when I ask them for help but still show my strong determination. It’s a whole art itself. Took me only 4 years in college and 12 years in lower education! But again, I know this is only the beginning. Work life will be so much different!

Third, LL gave me an adorable Christmas gift. This girl is so sweet and considerate. I am, again, so lucky to be a good friend of her and see her grow over her years in Villanova. I never told her this directly, but I knew with her attitude and determination, she will be awesome and loved wherever she goes.

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