[2022/12/09] food that reminds me of home

After working in CTS, I took my brother to Five Below and TJ Maxx to do some holiday shopping, mostly to prepare for the party at KF’s house on Friday. My brother loved the place because there are lots of fun and cool stuff that was not that expensive. His favorites include chocolate products and socks. He also wanted a set of scarf and hats and a flannel for the winter, so I might come back to TJ Maxx and get them for him! I also got KF a set of whiskey rocks (and a glass). Tbh, this winter I don’t have as much money as I wish I could, so I am not trying to spend lavishly on gifts. I love the people around me, but I think and hope there are many other ways to express my affection other than gifts.

The Bye Bye Buddy Hope You Find Your Dad sweater from TJ Maxx was an absolute gem!

Then, we went to Pho Street. We ordered sweet and sour soup with shrimp, fried tofu, and fish in a clay pot, just like the kind of dishes that my mom would make at home. We took a ton of pictures to send to mom and dad. I think they were very happy that my brother and I finally got to spend some quality time together and eat good food!

After that, we drove back to campus. I had to quickly park my car and get ready to head to MH’s 21st birthday party at Xolo’s. It was my first time ever here. I thought the second-floor rooftop was kind of nice. The cash bar was a little over priced and the alcohol was strong. However, overall it was a decent night. I got to meet some of my SpO friends again and was told a little cute secret (never saw this coming but I’m all for this secret!). MH booked the place for two hours, so we were invited out at exactly 11 PM. I got on a car ride with OH and T back to campus and I spent the rest of my night talking to KF about Friday!

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