[2022/12/07] oddly satisfying

The best news of the day is my team, Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica won 2nd place in the S&P Global Challenge. We looked into the consumer staple industry, specifically the chocolate industry during the recent inflation time. You might wonder how we came across this topic, right? It’s because I listen to TBOY podcast every morning, and one day, the hosts Jack and Nick mentioned Hershey’s exceptional performance despite inflation time. So, I picked up that keyword, did some research into the chocolate industry, and realized that the trend showing in coca supply during this time totally debunked the myth that chocolate is inflation-proof. From there, we build our story backward, but when we presented, we flipped it around to increase suspension to the topic. Feel free to watch our video below! We were very proud of this because we put in so much hard work. Our achievement means that as a team, we get a cash prize of $1,000, along with badges for Linkedin and S&P Global Merch. Feel free to check out our work here.

Secondly, lemme introduce to you the smoothest transition and lip sync video of the day. In Vietnamese, we would say “mượt như Sunsilk.” If you ask me how many times I replayed this video, I would just say YES. The girl in this video is Quynh Thi, whom I have never heard of before, but I guess I will now, starting from this video!

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