[2022/12/03] a day well-spent with KF

I have been looking forward to today because KF is finally visiting me again after almost 2 weeks of sickness. We spent a long time doing nothing together. Then, when we finally felt hungry, we went to Nick Fillet (313 E Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087). I had a filet mignon grilled cheese while KF had a Po Boy sandwich, with a side of old bay tater tots and a side of truffle fries! We both inhaled our food in no time! After that, we both agreed on the idea of checking out the Five Below next door. We ended up getting a penguin hand warmer for KF, matching pajama pants, and cleaning putties! What can I say – it was a productive and happy shopping trip!

We then returned to Villanova to pick my brother up so he could return an order in the UPS Store. While waiting for him, we went into the hidden Vintage Store. I’ve been to it before, but KF hasn’t yet. Still, it was interesting to visit this place with him because he recognized many items that were trendy at the time he was growing up!

Then, KF decided that he needed some more stationery for his new workspace, which was very modern and spacious since he has 3 screens, a personal laptop, and a separate workstation! He also has a window on his righthand side so he could enjoy some sunlight at work. I think he is very pleased with these new changes. Anyway, we went to the Art Supplies store in Ardmore, where KF got a straightedge on sales! Then, we went to Maido and Mr.Wish to buy some ingredients for dinner.

However, since my roommate took like 2.5 hours to make her food, we had to use the community kitchen instead. It was not the best situation, but it all worked out okay because KF and I made such a good team. We were able to finish cooking within an hour. I made shrimp pasta with spicy garlic butter sauce, while KF made Miso soup and gyoza!

After our dinner, I did some vacuuming and swiffer as I couldn’t stand the house being so dirty. I was so tired by the time I finished cleaning; still, KF convinced me to watch 3 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and we fell asleep together.

It was a good day. Always a pleasure to spend some quality time with him!

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