[2022/12/02] Ascend eboard bonding

At work today…

In the evening… We had a blast today at KJ’s house! A few people came in early and had dinner that KJ’s cooked. I was having dinner with my brother then and we baked apple crisp together!

After that, we all played Paranoia, in which you whisper your question to the person next to you. They have to answer by saying the name of someone in the circle. Then we flip the coin, head = drink, and tail = tell. For example, I ask JS, who sat right next to me “Who is most likely gonna marry rich?” JS answered MK, then he flipped the coin and it landed on tails so he had to say the question out!

When we felt bored with this game, we moved on to AZN Flush card game.

In the end, some of us sneaked into the M together, hung out at the bubble, and checked out the Christmas tree!

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