[2022/11/29] two fav things to wear?

WordPress asked me: “What are your two favorite things to wear?” I think it’s a new feature, and I’m quite glad for it because I ran out of interesting things to talk about today.

I like earrings and long cargo pants.

If you hang out with me, you probably know that I collect earrings everywhere I go – a new town, a new city, a new area. I prefer gold to silver, especially since I discover that gold looks better on me than silver. I didn’t even bother trying rose gold because not many jewelry pieces are made with that material. However, right when I said that and went to Disney, I could only find rose gold and silver mickey mouse earrings. I bought the rose gold ones anyway – they look cute on me and have become one of my favorites in the collection. My future wish is to have my inner ear and my nose pierced – maybe when I’m more settled for my job. Every morning, I spend about 5 minutes picking a set of earrings that match my outfit. Today I picked out a patterned top, so I have one of the simplest earring sets to avoid overkilling my look.

My other favorite clothing item is long cargo pants. Growing up, I realized I could never wear skinny jeans because my calfs are much bigger and more muscular than my upper body. Also, my waist is much smaller than everyone else’s. People back at home made fun of my elephant legs, but I didn’t let that affect my confidence, because I knew I was more fit and healthy than most of those people. Still, I chose to wear short tops and long bottoms. They highlight my shape and allow me to be active. For example, I wouldn’t be scared to go into a field to get a bouquet of flowers on random day because the pants would protect me from the itchy grasses and bug bites!

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