[2022/11/26] World Cup and hot pot

In the morning, I drove LL to ACME so she could buy some groceries for the hot pot party. Then, I went to KOP to pick up Bath and Body Works order. I forever regret this experience because I had to wait for the store to open (I came 10 minutes early) and I had to look so hard to find the right pick-up spot. Turned out, there were two BB&W in KOP – one was in the big mall, near F21 and H&M, while the other was in The Courtyard. I always knew about the former and never the later one. That later one was super hidden and hard to find. I had to drive all the way from one end of the mall to the other and asked several janitors for directions. With determination, I was finally able to pick up my order. It only took me 2 hours in total!

Then, I returned to campus, hid in my room to work on the essay, and did laundry. At noon, everyone gathered at LL’s house to eat hotpot and watched World Cup together. MT also returned to Villanova from NYC, which was so much fun. The hotpot was absolutely delicious. I love BAT’s hotpot recipe so much because she always put coconut milk in to create a creamy flavor, which paired perfectly well with the spicy and sour broth.

The match today was between Argentina and Mexico. Argentina won by 2-0 thanks to Messi’s goals. The match, I think, would never be so exciting if it wasn’t for the comments of some Vietnamese reporters. I initially thought that they were legit ones from VTV because of their perfect voice. However, the moment they joked about betting, I had to know that they were from a betting site. The site was called vaobo.bet

After the meal, we all chilled and cleaned up together. I had a video of everyone at this time. Felt like a house of happiness. I had a lot of fun with these people!

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