[2022/11/25] a fun day with DV

DV loves Philly. He studies at Bentley University, Boston, but has spent so much time in Philly because he enjoys the food and the atmosphere there. He actually told me that his favorite part was Round 1 and he would like to be there for hours and hours.

He visited Villanova today. I took him to Bam Bam for ribs stew since he was craving hot soupy food. Then he had bubble tea from Mr. Wish. We were really hoping that they have lactaid milk there because he was lactose intolerant, which developed in him after being in the US for a while. Turn out, that was the only kind of milk that they used. DV said it was very delicious and it will now become one of his favorite bubble tea places!

After that, I showed him around Villanova. Unfortunately, most of the buildings were closed, so we were only able to get into Bartley and Falvey. I really wanted to take him to Conn so he could see the flags and the scenic decorations. It’s okay though – there is always next time!

In the evening, while DV and I were having some downtime, I gave KF a call. I missed him – I haven’t talked to him for a while and he has been so sick. He said he had pharyngoconjunctival and pink eye was just one of its symptoms. Yea ik, the name is as terrible as the viral infection itself! We cleared up some confusion and encouraged each other that it’s a hard time for practice and that we will get through this. I think he needs a really tight hug (of course when he is no longer contagious) and I do too. It’s been a harsh couple of days so far!

Then, DV and I went to Honeygrow for dinner. I ordered egg noodles with curry coconut sauce like I usually do. We did takeout so we could come back and watch a movie before DV caught his train. We didn’t end up watching any movies, though, since they were all too long. Instead, we saw YouTube videos about Japanese Culture – literally any topics you could ever imagine: from lunch making in a primary school to the man who gets paid to do nothing and life of a gigolo. DV opened my eyes to many things about Japan that I don’t know. I thought KC already educated me on Japanese stuff, but I guess DV even did a better job! Maybe they could get along together pretty well!

At night, after taking DV to the Paoli/Thorndale train, I met up with AH. She needed help walking the dog because the dog wouldn’t go out in the morning when the floor was wet. I enjoyed talking to her a lot, also loved the dog, and didn’t want her to do all this by herself (I know she worked really long hours, 3 jobs). That’s why I said yes and ended up staying there all the way till midnight! I have been procrastinating on my work so far! I should really get to all of them tomorrow and Sunday!

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