[2022/11/24] Thanksgiving

I had lunch with the international students in the West Lounge today. Lunch was all home made in mass quantity by Mr. Hubert. He and everyone from ODEI VSB came in and served us food. It was a full party – I met so many of my friends there! I sat next to my roommate and her boyfriend. I also got to know another friend from Kazakhstan. He was a freshman and very shy. I learned that he would like to transfer to VSB to major in Finance! I took his phone number and I think I will introduce him to PAN since he is a VSB transfer and he has a lot of knowledge on this topic.

My CTS friend AH dropped by with the dog that she had to babysit. Its name was Pat – Pat the dog! She was well-behaved, very curious, and had a weird bark. Initially, we thought that she was choking, but turned out it was just the way she communicated. Surprisingly, she shed a lot so I think by the time we left the West Lounge, the whole floor was basically covered with her fur…! After that, AH and I went out for a walk. The plan was to visit Stoneleigh park near St. Mary’s; however, it was closed and we decided to take the pretty trail along West Campus instead. The weather was beautiful – like sweater weather and if you wear one more layer you could be very hot. I love talking to AH. I feel like we have a lot in common – quite independent and knowledgeable about what’s around us. We probably walked 2 miles in total and AH walked another 2 miles to get back to the house.

In the evening, I went to Prof. L’s house for dinner with LL and TN. We bought a gingerbread house kit and a grump tree from Trader Joes’s as gifts for them. They really loved it! Dinner was all homemade traditional Thanksgiving food made by Prof. JL. She had been in the kitchen for the entire day. She really reminded me of my mom, as they would be so careful and thoughtful that they prepared things in detail so that they were not just delicious, but also beautifully presented. After dinner, we played Presidents. They had different rules than KC and AR, so I had to take some time to get used to the game. We also tried Jack Box Party Game – Tee K.O and Murder Party. I looove them and I kept thinking that KF would be, too. She bought it from Steamer and suggested that we always wait for it when it’s on sale. the price could be 75% cheaper! We left their house late at 11:30 PM and still lingered by the door to talk. They were such a lovely family and I am so grateful to be with them this Thanksgiving!

It was really a day full of friendship and love. They made me feel so much better than this morning when I woke up. I typed out some stuff to send to KF but I never did (I kept them in different locations). You know, just for memory because I cherish all moments – happy and sad!

I feel so weird because of everything that happened yesterday. I didn’t get any how-are-you yesterday from you after the incident. This morning I let my parents know and they yelled at me for 30 minutes straight. I have no one to tell all about this and I have to deal with all this by myself. It’s already not the best but okay I did it to myself so I just have to somehow push myself through it. And it’s always so unfair because every time I have an opportunity to spend more time with you, something always happened. I am mad because you’re sick but at the same time, I can’t be so because there is nothing you can do about it either.

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