[2022/11/22] work

All my classes were online today, so I decided that I should work more hours than I usually did. I had a terrible headache, but I just kept drinking enough water and focusing on what I had to do.

In one class, I had trouble focusing. Partly because I’ve never really liked this subject, partly because I was mad that I had so many things that I must finish for it. In another class, my professor hosted office hours for us to drop by. I did so and said Happy Thanksgiving to them. If it wasn’t for the sound system, I think we would chat more, but that’s okay!

Later in the day, KF found out that he had pink eye and cannot come. He would no longer be contagious 24 hours later. I feel bad for him because this is like the worst time of the year to be down due to any disease. He didn’t need me to come by, so I think he will recover soon, hopefully!

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