[2022/11/21] feeling (un)helpful

I had 1 call at work today, but I had to hike all the way to St. Mary’s. When I got there, I realized that I needed the keys to reset the camera and… I didn’t bring them with me. I texted on Voxer, hoping that someone would come help. However, none of them were available so I had to go back to VLS and grab the key. Right, when I just finished resetting the system and made sure that things worked fine again, one of my managers showed up and checked in… I was like bruh – why didn’t you tell me so I didn’t have to go back in the cold! That’s something I really dislike about this department – they never communicate to let us know who is taking what responsibilities, and many times we had double the amount of required people showing up for the same task! So yea, I guess I feel helpful; just a little frustrated!

Later today, I found out that I was having the set of VLS keys with me and one of my colleagues needed it for a call. True bumper… I mean like… really? We never had to use the keys. This one day happened and we used the key two times in a row! That made me feel unhelpful.

Finally, at 8, I helped a student with their Business Analytics project. They were trying to predict whether a basketball player would continue to play after 5 years on Excel. I didn’t understand how they could do the task at first, but after some internet searches and interpreting the professor’s advice, I got the hang of the problem and gave them the necessary advice. Basically, they needed to build a logistic regression model. This model was not automated like the one in JMP. Instead, it must be built from scratch by applying optimization to some calculations and formulas. On top of that, the students must make observations to see what variables are significant enough to be input for the model. From there, they could build a data story and answer their predictive question. The whole processed helped me learn about the reasonings behind logistic regression. I feel like I would not be able to do this if I were their age and new to data analytics. Felt helpful again after this!

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