[2022/11/15] checked it out

KF and I checked out the car. It’s a 2009 Hyundai Sonata! But I have to tell you that it was a crazy process because it was pouring and hella cold outside. KF first checked all the parts of the car – 360 degrees! He kneeled down, checked the bottom, popped open the front, went inside, plugged in his scanner tool, and drove around. He said it was great, except that we had to refill some kinds of fluid and the front suspension could have been better. Then, we negotiated the price and the owner agreed to sell it to us for 3,100. We shook hands and ended the night there. The plan is to come back the next day to do a title transfer and car registration for me. I was very happy with all this because overall, it was a great value for a decent car. Hopefully, it will be good to take me around! Not only that, the owners were polite and nice people, who were patient and understanding. I think the vibe of the owner is important in the spiritual aspects!

That event concluded our Tuesday night. I’m very excited to own my car very soon!

But I want to rewind to a few hours before that when I attended a thought lecture with Pete Ruggiero, a ’90 Villanova alumnus who worked 25 years past Crayola and retired as their COO. He was in charge of US Sales and technology and he was known for transforming Crayola into an innovative company to continue supporting children in their creative exploration. He started off by telling us about Crayola’s history. I was surprised to find out that Crayola started off as a chemical company and its name means Oily Chalk in Germany to honor the founder, who invested in the chalk that falls dust into the ground instead of the air and won the prize for the best product. Another fun fact about the company is they were Walmart and Target’s huge drivers in customer engagement or the art of driving store traffic and customer demand through analytics of planogram and store designs! I also received Crayola’s special edition, Color Kindness. I found an article on License Global. I have attached a PDF at the bottom of this post.

A series of angry kitties found on Facebook

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