[2022/11/13] lunch with SingFam

Professor Borden and his family invited our Singapore study abroad group to Garrett Hill Ale House for lunch. As background information, he is a Villanova professor and he traveled with us to Singapore to teach us Financial Accounting. He always hosted his office hours either in Starbucks or ToastBox and he always order a large black decaf coffee.

I had a wonderful time. I caught up with people that I usually don’t see, like DS and C. I learn about DS’s interesting job in the animal delivery service and his future job at Boeing, Seattle. I also saw C’s new cat Rocket through his videos. The cat was sooo adorable and lovable. C is going to study Master’s Degree either in Finance or Statistics.

My food was great too! I had a Popeye Skillet. They ran out of potatoes and I had fries. They forgot my English muffin, so I asked for one, but I quickly felt disappointed because the buns were so hard to chew on!

Our lunch outing lasted for 3 hours and I was so tired by the time we got back that I took a 45-minute nap!

For the rest of the day, I caught up on my homework, called KJ about Ascend E-board application, met with my S&P Global group to prepare for the presentation, and broke down Costco’s rotisserie chicken for lunch tomorrow.

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