[2022/11/12] running errands and hanging out

I signed up to be a room host for the B2B Case Competition a few days ago. So this morning, I had to wake up early to be at the Clay Center, wearing business casual and receiving my room assignment for the preliminary round. The groups presenting at my room had a variety of ideas. Watching them present and hearing the judges opinion the whole time, I learned a lot and I believe I can apply them to the case compeition that I am going to have next week! Here is a summary of my takeaways:

  • Have proper introduction and set up clear expectation for the audience
  • Remember who your audience are and address them correctly
  • Sometimes going first could be a disadvantage
  • Having people with similar and effective presentation style is a huge bonus point
  • It’s nicer to wear a similar color scheme and business casual style (blazer vs. no blazer) because you would look better from the audience view
  • AR is a hard sell; privacy is a huge concern; market share increase means that attracting new people is more important than retaining current customer. In other words, you should not emphasize your point on keeping customer satisfaction, but more on expanding your business.
  • Finanical data and timeframe are important for idea proposal

In the afternoon, we went to Costco today so my brother could fix his laptop, but turn out they don’t provide services in their store. My brother would need to contact AllState Insurance to file his claim instead. I just thought this process is so inconvenient and time consuming. I really hope my brother can get this done sooner rather than later!

Then we did grocery shopping at Giant. I bought a ton of food and home products. I also got a candle – Bourbon Vanilla for my room. I’m happy with my purchases today!

In the evening, we met up with KC, AR, and AS for dinner at Golden Bowl. I was most impressed by our waiter – a man of my grandpa’s age, moved super fast between tables and orders. Sometimes it could be difficult to get his attention, but it was not too big of deal, since the food was delicious and we usually got what we needed!!!

After dinner, we went to the Idea Lab to hangout. I think we bothered a few people who were studying there since we were drinking and super loud… AR and KC did not feel ashamed at all, so I guess we were okay haha. We played a couple rounds of President and Bull Shit. I was constantly the President, and 1 time Scum in the first game; however, I was quite terrible at the second -_-

I got back at around 11:30, while my brother at midnight, and KF at 4 AM. Overall a very exciting and tiring day!

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