[2022/11/09] SpO’s last committee meeting

I didn’t expect our final committee meeting to be so full of emotions.

We walked in and each of us had a flower. Then we also received a wooden frame with a picture of our sub-committee (mine was Admin) along with one of the whole committee. We passed the frame around to sign our names. I think this will be my first picture frame ever in America. Hopefully, it will come with me even when I move to different places in the future since Fall Fest was a memory worth treasuring. Oh and even if I still have the chance to continue my journey with Special Olympics, it will always remind me of my humble beginning.

Then, we watched a video of our journey from being LPHs to Committee members (not the video below). I didn’t realize how many of us were together in our freshman year. 4 years really took us from North to South, but we always choose to come back to Special Olympics and contribute to it wholeheartedly. For me, there is really no other place I’d rather be!

After that, seniors of each sub-committee shared a few words with our MT and a gift. We gave Moira a vase with our signature outside and all the wishes inside. Additionally, we also got her a case of Coke and Mentos so she could live up to the legendary nickname that our athlete rep TC gave to her – Moira Moira Coke.

At the end of the meeting, we gave each other hugs and wishes. I told H that she was my SpO crush and talked to those I became good friends with. Hopefully, we will stay in touch in the future!

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