[2022/11/06] SpO Fall Fest, day 2

Day 2 started off a little rougher. Still, same room, same people, same energy, and same happiness. Here we go.

Us CnR helped out with food serving in the Pit. For 3 hours, we said hi to people and got them food based on their requests. KVD and I were in charge of the fruit corner, but somehow we didn’t have that much traffic. I tried very very hard to keep my eyes open and my legs firm on the ground.

Then, I went to see Soccer Individual Skills before hopping on the bus to the roller skating rink. I missed the bus for the first time, so I came in super early after. I realized that it wasn’t because I was late, but that the bus driver always left 10 minutes before the schedule. I reminded him to wait for more people and leave more on time. Of course, he did so and we had at least 5 other people on the bus.

Maple Ice Rink was awesome! I came in at the perfect time to watch the end of the speed skating competition and hang out at their unified skating event. Both men and women Villanova hockey team came in to cheer for the athletes as well! Here are some pictures and videos that I recorded!

In the afternoon, I saw LPH’s flash mob and hung out in O’Town. The flashmob was so adorable and watching my brother danced gave me lots of nostalgia for my freshman year. I think I cried a little bit (maybe the magic dust of Fall Fest was too strong). This is it – every moment of Fall Fest is the last of my college life!

At night time, during the Victory Jamboree, I had a chance to talk to coach Lester from Lycoming county. It all started with him asking me to do pin trading with him. He only had one, but I had so many, so I just gave him mine. I found out that he has been with SpO even before Villanova first hosted PA games. That was more than 50 years ago! He had been to several world games, coaching different sports. His personal favorites are LDR/W in the summer and skiing in the winter. He also shared with me about one athlete that he was very proud of. Long story short, the athlete just joined LDR/W team recently and he worked very hard to improve and be qualified for this event. Today he won 2 gold medals in short-distance categories. Tomorrow he will be competing in the 5k. Lester told me that athletes like this keep him coming back to SpO every year. I hope I will bump into him again next year when I come back to Villanova and volunteer so we can do some catch up!

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