[2022/11/04] Jake Scott show

This is the first concert ever in my life and I was so happy that it was Jake Scott’s. I’m not gonna say much because it was such an amazing show. Jake Scott was def even better in person. His voice and the band were so great that I couldn’t tell the difference between his recording and live performance. KF and I both had a wonderful time together (mostly) – small conflicts happened but we resolved them eventually! Also, I didn’t bring my ID so I couldn’t get a wristband to have a drink; but again, it was a minor problem once the show started. During the show, we were keeping up with the Phillies game the whole time. In addition, Jake Scott revealed two of the songs in his new album, which will potentially be released this Spring (he said no promises). The album’s name is Lavender (hence the tour) and it’s the first album he’s ever done. I love the second song that he performed and I’m soooo excited to listen to Lavender!!!

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