[2022/11/02] 2 days until ff!!

We stuffed the rest of the credentials today and clipped the lanyards onto athletes’ credentials.

It was an incredibly tedious process. Luckily, we had people from other committees come in and help us. I am so proud of what we have done. Just look at the pictures below – these are thousands of lanyards and credentials. They were nicely organized and sorted alphabetically by county. All. manual. labor!

The Phillies didn’t do too well today. We lost 5-0 to the Astros at our final home game. Very sad… Hopefully, we will come back and crush the Astros. I also learned that everyone disliked the Astros because they cheated to win in 2017.

I was also assigned to work at VLS for my afternoon shift today, but I didn’t receive the message until I walked all the way from Bartley to my room, then to the library. Fun time!

After my shift in VLS, I rushed to the West Loung because I missed the info session on Special Event, which happened 15 minutes before the regular meeting. One because it was sent on GroupMe and I was a true goldfish. Two because I have not logged into my GroupMe account on this (new) phone yet. Yeh… migrating to a new phone is a lot of work!

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