[2022/10/27] Ascend M&M dinner and Kelly’s

Ascend’s Mentorship Dinner was a huge success today! We had around 25 people coming in, including professors, students, and partner organizations/societies. There were plenty of food, many stories, and lots of fun! I was the main entertainer at the event and I was very nervous. My agenda was to introduce myself, my e-board, Dr. LC, a mentorship match, and a small thank-you speech. I told MG, the director of the VSB Mentorship Program, that public speaking was not my best skill, but she said I did a fantastic job and asked me if I felt like I did better than a few times ago. I said yes – so I think it proved that I have grown and refined my skills since. And, with all the compliments I got today, I should be very proud of myself for spearheading such a great event. My hope is that everyone had a great time and will remember Ascend in positive ways. Only time will tell. Still, I am positive that they will and that Ascend is gaining a good reputation within VSB.

Later in the evening, KJ, M, and I went to Kelly’s for some drinks and good vibes. We were shocked that there weren’t that many people. And though the place did get a little more crowded a few hours after, it was still not as crazy as we thought, especially Halloween, aka party season, was right around the corner! Regardless, we all enjoyed our time drinking and dancing. KJ tried Angry Orchard’s hard cider for the first time ever; she didn’t like it as much as her Blue Moon. I also learned that M is in Chi Omega and she had a twin sister. Our night ended at around 12 and I went to bed right after because I still have work tomorrow at 8 :D.

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