[2022/10/26] no rush

True story. I was rushing to finish merging the credentials for LPHs and other miscellaneous positions because it was really late and I still had a ton of stuff to do before concluding the night. However, I kept making small silly mistakes. and took even longer than I initially planned. At one point, JP told me: “Hey, you know what – I think we just gotta sit down and do this thing carefully – step by step.” I couldn’t agree more, so I shut my laptop and walked back to my room, and calmly finished the rest of this process. No mistakes happened; I then just sent out an email to the print center and call it a day!

Lesson learned: I am not good with last-minute stuff and deadline chasing, especially when my thing involves a ton of steps. I need to be able to take my time to produce things of good quality!

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