[2022/10/25] S&P Global challenge kick-off

My teammate BW and I attended the S&P Global Challenge Kick-off yesterday. The question we are trying to solve is, “How has inflation affected companies or markets? How has inflation affected company(s) or markets and what additional measures might need to be taken to bring the inflation rate back down?” This is not an easy prompt, but very realistic, open, and up-to-date. Since I am not super financially or economically sophisticated, I think I will take a lot away from this challenge, no matter what ranking our team might end up with. After the kick-off, we had a small networking session, in which we talked to the competition organizers. They love their job at S&P Global, have a happy family, and want to give back to Villanova. My team and I are lucky to have their support throughout this competition!

After that, I did a little bit of Managerial Accounting homework. I have to admit that it was a true source of headache because it took me a good hour to finish one single question. Also, the materials seemed to be too long and non-sensical to keep up with now. After giving up on my homework, I decided that I should hit the gym for some destress. And the gym was great. Nothing’s better than blasting music, sweating, and focusing – that’s when you know you have a great workout session.

Overall a good productive day. I need more days like this.

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