[2022/10/24] no red, blue, or black car

As you know, I have been on a search to find a car for me so I can travel between places and help my brother get his driver’s license. Recently, KF helped me find really great cars – good mileage and good prices. However, they all got eliminated first round because they didn’t have the right Fengshui colors. According to my mom, Fengshui colors are yellow, white, and grey only. So I’m still on the market, looking for my perfect car.

Ascend also has had the first board meeting since the feedback form was released. We went down the list of all the changes that we are making this semester and everyone seemed very happy with these improvements. Hopefully, we Presidents can revive the board’s trust, as well as their high comfy level and morale.

Side note, I had a chicken wrap with no buffalo sauce and a side of fries from the law school for lunch today. As I was walking back to the office, I saw a girl who had pointy ears and long braided hair, like a fairy or an elf. However, she was eating at the law school, so the chance that she is a magical creature is pretty low I guess.

When I got home after all these events, I took care of baby bamboo. They are gifts for Ascend’s mentors and advisors, but I get to babysit them until the day of the M&M Dinner 😉

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