[2022/10/21] good talks

Today was a lot of good talk. MK, KJ, and I got together and chatted about how we should lead Ascend moving forward. Basically, we went down the comments, found patterns, and identified problems. From there, we came up with solutions and discussed them with each other before making any final decisions. One of the points we agreed on was making meetings and hangouts more casual and collaborative. Operational structure-wise, we are not changing it back to traditional because we are already halfway through the semester. However, we will be more mindful of the issue with group chat. Additionally, I think the tension between the three of us was somewhat reduced compared to the past few weeks. Hopefully, we will be able to work together and bring Ascend to a better position.

In the evening, I talked to AK over the phone about some issues he was facing. It was mostly self-confidence and his broken relationship. My answers to him were: time will heal him, take it slow, and be easier on himself. He seemed to feel better after our conversation, or at least I hope so. How come I myself have been in a lot of problems lately and I was not in my best mood for sure, but somehow I was able to help him out? It’s kinda weird tbh… Maybe it’s easier to solve someone else’s problem than yours. I also feel like my mood is affecting other people and my social life a lot. Maybe I should bring this up with the counselor that I’m seeing next week?

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