[2022/10/16] DanDan dinner

My morning started off with delivering breakfast to my brother, followed by SpO’s last day of Production Weekend. We nailed down all the tasks we could possibly do already, so there wasn’t much to left and I could work on some readings and homework. A few hours later, KF came back from fixing a potential motorbike that he was about to buy. I never saw it, but it sounded new and ran perfectly; just a sweet deal overall. After some back and forth negotiation, they agreed on the price and he is going to get it tomorrow with his friend! Wow, so think about this – he has an SUV, a motorbike, a new credit card, and a 2-bedroom rented house. That does sound like a huge success for a fresh graduate already! I’m proud of him and happy for him!!

Ok, I have to admit that I feel a little behind on this and a widening gap between our differences. But I don’t think there is much I can do at the moment. It’s a true future issue; time will tell us I think.

Dinner was at Dan Dan. I ordered a special dish called Ah-ma’s ginger shrimp fried rice and it was surprisingly flavorful! KF’s kungpao shrimp was delicious too. We then stopped at Mr.Wish for some bubble tea before delivering dinner to my brother’s dorm. Personal note: never get sweet and sour appetizer from Dan Dan again; Green Milk Tea with pudding and custard waffles are both worth trying!

Tomorrow we will be back to the regular grind again and I am nervous to meet people, especially Ascend people. Mainly because of all the lowkey, underlying issues, and the passive-aggressive tensions that have not been addressed completely. Hopefully, things will all fall into places after us presidents talk about it together.

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