[2022/10/15] crazily tiring day

There were 3 events that ran parallelly today: an all-committee SpOxer, my brother being sick, and KF visit. And they all hit at night time.

Let me tell you one by one, beginning from all-committee SpOXer.

I have a theory that a lot of SpO people are in frat + sorority; they are both hard-workers and party people. Finding a place to host parties has never been an issue so far!

Today’s party was at a duplex right opposite of D’s house. I actually didn’t know that until KF pointed out to me when he picked me up from the party. We had Chipmunks secret theme and MH bought microphones + party hats for us.

Being at places like this and working on Committee made me feel extremely fortunate because I made close friend with JP and LP (they come in pair and are roomies too). They are the sweetest and most caring people you could ever met. True girl boss vibe from JP; she leads CnR and I really like the way she reacts and handles issues.

Back to the point after KF picked me up. From there, things started to go downhill.

KF and I got into a big fight. New problem but the root was old as tale. He dropped me off at my brother’s place so I could check-up on him. Then, he drove somewhere a few minutes away from campus and was completely MIA. I was already worried about my brother’s health as he was having high fever, sore throat, and nose congestions after his volunteer trip. At the same time, I needed to go back to my dorm and carry a big blanket over by myself at midnight, cold weather.

Facing all these tasks, I kept wondering how come I didn’t go crazy or scream my lungs out at that moment?

Luckily, after sorting things out for my brother, I started to feel calmer. Then KF and I talked face-to-face and solved the conflict. I laughed at the end because it was something so silly and fixable. More communication is always needed, but of course we are both working on that and it’s totally ok to make mistakes.

Wow, that concluded the night. Might not sound crazy on “paper,” but trust me it was an actual adult crisis for me!

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