[2022/10/13] rest day

I have decided today that I should learn the art of staying quiet because I saw a professor today and realized how similar I am to her (i don’t like that) if I continue my current interacting habits. They always hurried to respond and were slow to accept. While I was talking about my concerns, they jumped in and corrected/twisted my issues, mainly to prove that my issue was not really an issue. I hated this because, eventually, it took me another few minutes to explain myself and for them to agree that it was a true concern that she could help with. Of course, we came to a solution together, but the means of getting there were not 100% ideal. In the afternoon of today, while one of my coworkers was speaking, I chimed in and added some facts that completely resolved/disregarded what they said at that moment. I imagine that would make people feel very weird and annoyed, no matter whether what I said was true or not. I mean, I would feel the same way too. And worse, that could reduce my credibility. I think this usually happens when we only listen to respond, not listen to listen. So, from today on, I have promised myself to gravitate more towards listening and only respond after carefully thinking to create a more comfortable vibe for myself and others.

After work, I had a basic dinner, hopped on my bed, watched an episode of Stranger Things’ new season, and sleep. I think this is the best kind of rest ever since I haven’t had a chance to do so for the past few days of break, given constant work schedules from 8 AM to 6 PM and meet-ups in the evening.

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