[2022/10/12] hotpot night

We all brought and bought different ingredients over for hotpot night – green onions from me, tokbokki, and glass noodles from H&D, spam from MP, and beef from BAT! We also opened the doubled hotplates that I received for free (by mistake) from Amazon a few months ago. After that, we all watched “The Boy Next Door” k-drama series and “The Way of the Househusband” anime together. KF called me right when the anime show was being played; I think he was both happy and surprised that I was enjoying that show. He was so convinced that I can now watch any anime movies with him; of course, as usual, I said “we’ll see.”

I also really wanted to go to the gym, because I felt fat and sluggish. However, I was just so exhausted after my 9-hour shift at work, or maybe the lack of fresh air and someone to talk to. I hate this sm – I just sincerely hope that this won’t happen once I start my full-time position, or even if it will, I need to know a way to overcome that.

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