[2022/10/11] SpO volleyball practice

It’s Fall Break but they still have volleyball practice with SpO athletes so I asked AK to take J and me in his car. The practice was fun as always. And today was even more glorious because the team made it to the final round of qualification and they will be competing in Villanova this Fall Fest!

On my way back, I received a text message from MP, talking about doing the dishes. I think it was only a small conflict and misunderstanding, so once we agreed on the resolution over text, we were fine with each other. Still, I knocked on MP’s door after I went back because I knew that she was always more comfortable with in-person interactions and I wanted to make sure that we were really cool. We ended up hugging it out, which I was all for. I believe that it’s super important to be straightforward about an issue and face it head-on, rather than burying it under the rug!

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