[2022/10/10] BYO dinner

I woke up at 11 AM today – 3 hours later than when my work started. So, I decided to skip my morning shift and went straight to the Exchange for International Student luncheon. This is in a series of events sponsored by the Moran Global Leadership center; they are doing this every day this week of Fall Break at 12 PM in different locations. Today was Mexican and Indian food; I liked their shrimp fried rice the most! I also met new people and learned about them. For example, this girl from Nigeria is studying Physics, specializing in condensed matter and electronics which is the study of any solid objects (tables, chairs, etc.). She explained that it’s the most common kind of physics, and when she graduates she can work in IBM and Intel factories with her degree. Another woman, studying a subject along the line of theology on systematic trauma, has 3 goals in life: get a PhD, have her own practice, and be a mama. The last goal, though sound personal, is very important because she considers it as a way to practice what she preaches and contributes back to society. Of course, I respect that 100%; I’m just not thinking about building a family just yet since I’m so young still.

In the evening, AK suggested a BYO Dinner at my place and we invited HO and J over as well. We talked too much about too many things! In the end, I brought out a fruit platter that I prepared (apples and oranges), which I’m sure everybody loved because it was all clean and gone after a few minutes.

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