[2022/10/09] Dango for YN’s birthday

Oct 06 was YN’s birthday but we didn’t have the chance to hang out until today. YN wanted to try somewhere close because this area was nicer and cleaner than Philly. Of course, I was OK with that, though I thought a 21st birthday deserved some fun bar hopping in Philly rather than a casual dinner at a local restaurant! I mean, as long as she enjoyed it, right?

So we went to Yamazaki (1011 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010), ordered a ton of food, then went back to HT and DN’s house to watch the moon and make some dangos! It’s my first time knowing about dangos – they are colorful round balls, made of glutinous and rice flour, on a stick, coated in a sweet soy sauce mixture. KF wanted to be creative so he added peanut butter, thought it was supposed to have no fillings inside. Nobody liked that, except for me and him, haha. Dangos + tea were supposed to be for moon watching with the binoculars that HT received for his birthday, since it was full moon today; however, it was freezing and we decided that chilling inside was better.

Ah another fun event that happened today and should be recorded – I found my lovely avocado earring! Guess where it was – stuck on the sole of my Birkenstock! How cr@zy, right!?

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