[2022/10/08] grocery shopping all day

I planned to get the replacement for my driver’s license today. Woke up early to get there before 9 AM and all that, but they were closed for Columbus day. Bruh. It’s not even a glorious day to celebrate and by the way, they call it Indenginious Day now base on the internet.

Cool! So Austin and I went to Spread Bagelery in Bryn Mawr to grab bagels to eat. Last time KF and I went there, the place was closed, so I was very happy that they were open today. The inside was cozy and clean; they had a board that changes messages every minute, similar to the one in the Starbucks Roastery in New York! I got an everything bagel with Honey Pistachio cream cheese, while Austin ordered a blueberry lemon bagel with strawberry basil cream cheese. Simple yet delicious.

We got back by 10 – just enough time for me to went on a GIANT run, in which AP was the van driver. I also met J, a guy working on SpO DEI committee. I bought everything I needed, probably enough for the next 2 months, all totaled to about 100 dollars. I also heard that the Student Involvement Office was giving out 50-dollar gift cards for GIANT – I will try to go to the office on Monday to see if they still have any!

Then I went on another grocery run – this time to Trader Joe’s with MP, HLT, and YN. I bought cold-pressed juices – as many as 5 of them, and a vanilla pumpkin candle. I also pumped into SG, his wife, and baby J (10 months old). We had a brief conversation. I just remember SG saying he was happy that I finally got to see baby j!

Later at night, KC and AR dropped by my house with a carton of booze. These party animals of course expected a lot more people, but I was too exhausted to do anything more than watching a movie. So, I didn’t eat dinner at Plaza Azteca with them; I cooked steak for myself based on HT’s recipe and cooking lesson and watched The Monuments Men with them when they came back.

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