[2022/10/07] KoP trip

Winter is approaching soon, so I wanted to take my brother shopping. KoP, of course, because he has never been there and it’s the third-largest mall in the US (I fact-checked this today).

We checked out some clothing stores, namely F21, PacSun, H&M, Aeropostale, and Hollister. My brother was looking for a varsity jacket and he immediately fell in love with the leather jacket at Hollister. We decided to order it online instead of buying it in-store since they have a 20% discount on their web. I also found cute denim overalls for 20 bucks on there for the minion costume, so I really can’t wait to buy ’em!!

He also bought boots from Timberland along with the boot kits for about 100 bucks in total. I personally have never had any shoes that expensive. Still, I support him 100% because his boots were built with high quality and is much needed for the winter.

For dinner, we tried Bonchon. I wasn’t impressed at all; I mean their garlic soy sauce wasn’t bad, but it was a little too salty to have too much at once. My brother thought it was bad (oopsie); however, we both agree that you have to eat bad food to know what good food tastes like, especially when you just moved to a new place!

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