[2022/10/06] what if we 3d print earrings?

One of my avocado earrings fell off my ears when I was changing in the bathroom. I saw it falling outside the toilet, but I couldn’t find it despite having looked everywhere. Great, now I have lost more earrings. This one was bought in Christiana Mall when I was walking with KF and saw Lovisa selling lots of cute earrings.

I searched online for other avocado earrings, hoping that I could buy them again. The closest option I saw was on Shein, but I wouldn’t buy them, you know, because they would be too big for my ears. The other ones were mostly dangle styles – I wanted studs only. Then I came across this Etsy store selling 3D-printed earrings, their famous style was avocado. Still too big and I wouldn’t buy them, but they were adorable and creative!

I knew KF has a 3D printer, so I proposed this idea to him and he was so down for that. But then I hesitated since we would be using his 3D printer and I have a streak of breaking things I borrowed from him… hmmm great idea but maybe some other times in the future, we shall see!

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