[2022/10/02] SpO production day

I think today’s weather should be the reason why Day of Service got canceled, not that of yesterday. It rained and rained and never stopped. The wind blew away all the leaves and flipped people’s umbrella upside down. Water was everywhere, dripping and overflowing. The temperature dropped all of a sudden, making coughs and sneezes a natural body reaction everywhere.

Great! That’s why I was mostly indoors – doing production day with SpO and finishing up my homework. I was very proud of my CnR team for the amount of work we accomplished together, namingly designing credentials and placing Amazon orders. We really worked without any awareness of time, too. We were so hungry by 1PM, but then again saved by Campco pizzas. I’m not even a fan of pizzas and I don’t eat them more than twice a month, but they were always so delicious with SpO people!

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