[2022/10/01] what’s up connection

Day of Service was canceled and I realized that I don’t have tickets for hoops as I didn’t enter the lottery, so a day that was planned to be super busy turned out to be so chill. I spent all morning working on my homework and random tasks, while the afternoon was for KF. I initially wasn’t interested in going out at all, since I was very tired of the social activities that I had this week; but KF really wanted to and put in the effort to research cool things to do, so I said Yes. Turned out , it was one of the best decisions ever!

We ate ramen and bought 8-dollar tickets to see a movie called “What’s up Connection” @ The Univesity of the Arts. My tonkatsu ramen was spicy but delicious and rich in flavor; I also especially liked their eel avocado roll – perfectly balanced flavors blended well together. The University of the Arts was an old building, right in the heart of Philly. Its corridor was tiny and coldly lit; yet, the rooms were huge – the cinema could take a few hundred people at once. Today was just a low-key show – there were 6 people in the room and the start time was delayed by 10 minutes. Movie content-wise? Weird, funky, funny, and punk rock. Very duct-taped; we felt like we were watching a bunch of Instagram reels pieced together. However, all critics aside, everything was unpredictable and vibrantly potraited – we both loved it so much!

After watching the movie, I craved something warm and sweet, so we walked to T-Swirl together (150 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107). I chose their Blueberry New York Cheesecake flavor and inhaled it in no time. KF tried the Thai Milk Tea and said it was only okay. He also enjoyed the crepe too.

Overall, it was a good night – way better than I expected for sure! I told KF that I never get tired of hanging out with him because he is like a battery charger and he always gives me positive energy that can instantly light up my gloomy day.

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