[2022/09/30] bánh đa cua and SpOxer

I had a sudden craving for bánh đa cua today and I decided that happiness is when you get to eat what you want, so I opened the instant bánh đa cua package and boiled some spinach. It was also chilly and rainy out, which only made the soup bowl 10 times better. As I was eating, I thought about how my day went and I could only sum it up to one word: grumpy. True that – all my responses to people’s questions were 70% sassy and 30% serious. All because of the lump of assignments that I had to work on. Crazy.

Later in the evening, I went to SpOxer between HR and Admin at MK’s house near Grog. I had a great time – talked to a lot of people, tried the Rattlin’ Bog drinking challenge, and listened to stories. 1 oopsie moment happen a girl made an offensive comment referring to Vietnam and Guam as a joke. I was so shocked and completely speechless. When she asked for a private conversation with me to resolve it, I further learned that she got this offensive phrase from her friend and decided to repeat it for fun. I was furious until I remembered the times when I made comments that hurt those I loved the most. Also, she was being apologetic and upset about her own uncontrollable action. So, I decided to forgive her for the phrase and not to mention it again ever. I wanted to give her a second chance and a forward-looking perspective instead. All I wish for is that she will take this as a lesson learn and stand against any discriminating actions that she might encounter in the future.
Psychologically and physically speaking, we are just humans, wired to make assumptions for the sake of survival. It is society and experiences like this that shape our perspectives so we can become better and more helpful individuals. I hope that no one else will have to go through any instances like I did and that people will see each other with their loving eyes. However, if unfortunate incidences happen, they will use them as catalysts to make the world a better place.

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