[2022/09/29] petting a dachshund, off-campus event

I would like to summarize today in the form of bullet points, as it was very eventful

  • YN and I went to an off-campus event for commuters, where YN was responsible for SGA table. They had leather phone wallets, which I loved and I grabbed two of those.
  • We met prestigious/weird/mixed people. By prestigious, I meant like Tom DeMarco (Dean of Student Life) or a person from Villanova’s PR department. By weird I mean some townspeople who educated us about the US’s voting system which we didn’t ask for, and a guy on the shuttle that BAN hid away from + got reported by several people. And by mixed I mean an important person of the town came to us to complain about noises and misconduct by Villanova students leaving Kelly’s. Or the shuttle driver who told stories about Covid times and people’s disrespectfulness. Like a girl who coughed and sneezed so much that the driver asked her to stay at the back and she reported that the driver was disgusting???
  • I saw a Samsung table by the intersection, I knew AC would be there and dropped by to say hi. Little did I expect that her friend has the cutest dachshund ever. It was smooth haired and it was so calm (I mean of course, isn’t that a requirement if they were to be ESA?).
  • They said I could find marketing opportunities like this by going onto YMC. Have not checked it out fully yet but that seemed interesting
  • Managerial Acounting quiz was crazy – I wish I had more time, I would definitely finish it with more quantity and quality 😦 Still, I don’t know how much more I could study for it or if I could get any better…
  • I got very mad at HL today just because he touched my hair. I don’t think I should be that offended, since he had done this several times in the past. Though I didn’t like his action at all, I still tolerated it. Maybe just today my exam performance was bad so I just went off on him. I feel guilty for acting so temperamental, but at the same time, it’s necessary to prevent myself from being in unwanted physical interaction with someone I’m not comfortable with.
  • AA, and I figured out that I don’t have tickets for Hoops, because although I signed up for Days of Service, I didn’t enter the lottery. So I am not eligible for a ticket… Very sad story hopefully my connection with JG and TC whom I met at the SGA event could get me a ticket.

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