[2022/09/28] Baesil’s new home

Remember my trip to IKEA the other day? I bought a plant pot but it didn’t have holes at the bottom for draining, so KF and I went into the Idea Lab super late at night (that night) and did some drilling. Now that the pot is ready, I decided to move Baesil over, as its old pot was already too tiny and rusty. Hopefully, it will enjoy its new place and grow more leaves for me to yoink.

I also just felt an air full of stress and dilemmas today, as I had to pick between going to the gym vs. studying for Managerial Accounting. I mean, they would make me miserable anyway, as in going to the gym = stress about the test, and studying for the test = tired. Nevertheless, I decided to finish up my study since it was more beneficial for my immediate needs. I could always go to the gym the next day instead!

My P&J Professor’s scotter

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