[2022/09/23] visiting PerPay and first time in Kelly’s

PerPay is a credit company, mostly known for its Buy Now, Pay Later service, and is now working to develop its own credit card. It stands out for the ability to help people with a low credit score finance high-quality items. I signed up for the trip, not knowing these three things: 1/ LL and JK were also coming, 2/ everyone else in the group was in the MSF program (Master of Finance); this trip was required in their course, and 3/ Perpay is located in Aramark – my mentor’s building. On this trip, not only did we have the chance to know about a startup in Philly, but also about the field of fintech and credit cards, as well as the role of data analytics in their operations. I had a great time networking with the data scientists and data engineers there. However, I think my biggest takeaway is that credit cards will charge interest on the amount remaining on the card after each payment. In other words, if you only pay the minimum, you will be charged so much more in the future!

Another weird thing happened, too. So on the way back, we decided to take the train because the bus was stuck in the traffic. We almost missed the train and were given a weird look by an old man since we didn’t whisper in the Quiet Ride. When we arrived at Villanova, we found out that they still hadn’t got on the bus yet and the lady who was in charge of the trip sent the bus to her home instead of Aramark building. Very glad that we made this last-minute decision and were able to make it, though not so smoothly haha.

At night, MP and I went to HL, MA, and YN’s house to have some homemade Korean food before going out to Kelly’s. The food was delicious and heart-warming, especially when combined with a series of Korean K-pop videos they played. I never watch or listen to K-pop, but I always loved it when I do this with this group.

Kelly’s was packed with parents today as it was parent’s weekend. I bumped into a ton of people from SpO and chatted on a conversational level. I also had a light shot and a malibu + pineapple to stay slightly drunk for the night and enjoy the music to its best. Later, HT, DN, and KV came as well. Not crazy party people, but we all had a great time together, singing, dancing, and small talking. I think I would go again if I have the chances, but of course not every single week…!

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