[2022/09/22] so… grade inflation is a thing

I was in my Business Intelligence class when my professor opened with some crypto news, followed by… grade inflation. I am 100% aware of the US economy, which is going through a huge turmoil right now: the inflation rate fluctuates and interest rates are at a record high. However, I never heard of anything such as grade inflation. He said that he was sitting in a meeting earlier that day and the school board was very concerned that 99% of students of this one major is getting all As. I am not revealing the name of the major, but I know that mine, MIS, ranks 4th on that leaderboard.

Second story, I came across this podcast episode by Travel Through Time, in which Dr. Waters, an expert in historical witchcraft and magic, talked about witches in Britain (1862). Why I bumped into it? I was answering the YellowDig forum for my history class. The stories he mentioned there are pretty absurd – a woman went through an exhausting series of trials to prove her innocence after being accused of transforming into a hare; a guy scraping his grandma’s head to extract her witch spirits. You could see how insane and bizarre these stories are, right? I think they further proved that witches were not real and humans’ superstition could make them become so heartless and violent to others.

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