[2022/09/19] Ascend meeting and dinner with HO

Ascend had a special meeting today – we celebrated HL and KS’s birthdays. They both turn 20, but I thought HL turned 21, so I wrote happy 21st birthday on his card. But it’s OK, I’m sure HL felt special regardless. At the end of the meeting, I brought cupcakes and candles from Giant yesterday for us to celebrate as a group. It was extra fun – I think it’s very important to all gather for occasions like this!

After the meeting, us the Presidents and the VP sat down together and chat about 1 issue. It went very fast-paced and hostile at first. However, after talking it out and explaining, we finally were on the same page. It was just because we didn’t understand the idea in the same way. Once that sunk in, everything went smooth like ice because all three of us share the same goal of making Ascend more efficient and close-knit!

Then I went to the dining hall to have dinner with HO. I was expecting excellent Filipino food (i love everything-adobo). Unfortunately, I was so disappointed when I tasted the eggplant; the only good dish was the veggie spring roll but it wasn’t even Filipino food. Anyway, it was always fun to meet up with HO. HO is passionate, fun, and chatty. She has so many great experiences that she could string them up into stories and tell me all day. Today KJ came with me so HO mainly mentioned interesting stuff that I already heard about. In the upcoming weeks, I hope we will be able to actually meet up alone and spill some more unique tea since HO is graduating so soon – this December :(!

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