[2022/09/18] our 1st anniversary

I’m so happy that today is our first anniversary together. To be honest, we have been on a very bad streak of arguing right before many (big) events. However, I’m glad that we always found solutions to our issues and never carry them to the future. KF came to Villanova, visited me, and we dined at Golden Bowl together. After that, we went to Trader Joe’s in Ardmore and adopted Lotus, a beautiful succulent near Trader Joe’s checkout counter. Ardmore has been and will always be a special place to us since that was where we had our first “date.” To this point, we still don’t know 1/ if that’s an actual date and 2/ who suggested that idea. Nevertheless, this is a mini replication of that extremely cold day and we are lucky to be able to celebrate it together.

I’m reposting a bunch of pictures that we took together for the past year here as well, just for memories. I also made an Instagram post out of this and wrote the description on our extensive collection of hair styles.

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