[2022/09/17] brunch with Sg Group and Dinner at KJ’s

The highlight of the day for me is dinner at KJ’s. She cooked Indian food and invited her friends and me to try it. I think part of her purpose was to convert me to like Indian food. However, the main reason was to gather as friends and celebrate LL’s birthday. The whole atmosphere reminded me of that time when YN and DV came to my apartment on West and we cooked dinner together. I couldn’t say that I love Indian food – I still don’t because I somehow never acquired its spice and flavor. It is just not what I grew up eating and liking I think. Regardless, I have a better impression of Indian food now. It is an art, just like Vietnamese food – it takes a long time to cook and prepare. You also have a lot of things that you need to put together to make the perfect texture for a dish! So I’m happy and honored to be invited to KJ’s dinner. Hopefully, we will have more dinners like this!

For lunch, I went to First Watch with my Sg group. I sat next to AK and PT but I talked to AK much more than I did to everyone else. I truly admire AK for his vision and determination. He sets a clear goal that he would be buying a house either to invest in or to live in. He also loves and supports his girlfriend V very much. So no matter what he does, he always thinks about his future with her and takes it as a serious goal to try hard for. On my way there, I carpooled with IT and AT and I learned a little bit about how they were doing for the past summer as well as their future plans. IT seemed to know exactly what he wanted, while AT was still a little up in the air. Still, AT had fun with traveling and the work hard play hard lifestyle. I gave AT the rocks that my dad spared out for him since freshman year. He was happy to receive it. That’s why I want to tell my dad, I’m sure he must be very proud to know too!

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