[2022/09/16] 8.5 hours of work and VSA reunion

I did work that long today in CTS. I spent a huge chunk of my time working on my History and Peace and Justice courses. The rest were used for chatting, printing, and eating. The best moment of the day is when I hid under the desk as ED was talking with his eyes closed. Of course, he thought that was shockingly funny and I believe it made his day too because CTS was completely bombed with calls today for some unexplainable reasons, making ED running back and forth 20 times at least. My theory is it gets busy whenever I work on Friday, but every time TN appears it always dies down.

After work, I had a hot pot for dinner with VSA. I initially thought about going to Bryn Mawr with YN for dinner, but my brother said that he had never seen me at VSA events, so it would be better if I go. So I did, except that I didn’t go on the 2nd round, karaoke. We had 17 people in total and the meal was awesome, especially for the freshmen – they were all so bored of school food already. I was also impressed by how polite the underclassmen were. I must admit that I didn’t spend that much time with them the past year, so I never know. But I made a promise to myself that I would give them more support this year, whenever I can.

By the time I finally reached home, I felt super exhausted and empty. I think there are 2 reasons that contribute to my tiredness. First is every crazy event this week is hitting me now and I really needed some alone time to wind down. Especially my grandma’s funeral. Second is the fight that KF and I had today. We have been having bad streaks recently – we would fight before important landmarks or events because of some stupid reasons. I think I was mean tonight. But really it’s the first time I ever realize how powerful my words and emotions are to KF because they could bring down his excitement within a split second if I’m not careful. Long distance is never easy IMO, but I can’t take that as an excuse to act stupidly. I know I need to work on my emotions more if I want a more stable relationship.

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