[2022/09/15] chimp

In my Violence class, we learned about chimpanzees and bonobos – how they help humans understand about their evolution and behaviors. Coincidently, TN gave me a small gift bag full of candy and…. a monkey key chain! In honor of that class and TN’s kindness, I decided to name my monkey Chimp. I also need to mention that TN handed me the gift as his way to send condolences to me and my family. I told him that he was so sweet to us(no pun intended), don’t know what else to say, but just really appreciate him as a friend.

I also handed out the mooncakes on behalf of Ascend to faculty and staff members in VSB. I could tell that they really appreciated them because some had never seen or heard of mooncakes until today. So I am honored to be an ambassador to share our Asian culture with them.

The final story, my iPhone 13 mini arrived today! It’s so adorable – blue and tiny. KF warned me about using the phone without a case. He basically virtually ban me from using it until my case arrives. I agree though – I could foresee myself dropping this baby somewhere and crying about the incident. So I will hold off on my excitement for a few days.

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