[2022/09/13] egg porridge and visit KF

I made salted egg and preserved egg with plain porridge today, mainly because KF said that he was sick. But also because I was excited to try out those eggs that I got from Des Moines (sponsored by LL). It turned out to be okay, better when microwaved with the porridge – I would prefer it more if it smells less fishy though.

Then, I Lyfted to KF’s place. It was expensive as hell to get there (and back). I also got into a fight with the driver because of the pick up location. Then my phone died right as I reached KF’s place. I almost got lost – there were so many similar buildings but different alphabet letters, but luckily, I was smart enough to navigate to the right one. I think KF was very happy that I came and check up on him when he was feeling terrible. At least he wasn’t like dying or in critical condition. Just snotty and coughy.

Oh and before I left Villanova, I was in a meeting with Ascend Temple. We went overtime, but we had fun chatting and learning about each other’s organization. We all agreed that we would provide more opportunities for our members by expanding the upcoming events. Virtual ones are easy, but in-person ones would require a little more planning and coordination. Regardless, I am positive that we will make it work and I look forward to our collaboration in the future!

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