[2022/09/12] my favorite podcasts

I don’t have anything cool to show off today, so I’m going to write about all the podcasts that I listen to:

1. TBOY (used to be Snacks Daily)

I listen to TBOY every day when I get ready for school and work. Jack and Nick’s energy are off the roof – they can literally upbeat your morning with just their intro. There are 3 stories each days about company news that can affect the stock market. When they jump in to TBOY style, they really look at the company’s earning reports and balance sheet to find the odds facts that can explain why they make certain decisions. As a person who doesn’t read too much, I enjoy that they did the research for us and stream them into a full story. I don’t take this as investment advice (in fact no one should), but it helps me be more knowledgable about the current market and identify trends and risks.

2. UpFirst by NPR

I listen to this, or the journal, or The Daily every day (weekdays and the weekend). UpFirst mainly gives me expert views on political situations happening in America and around the world. Living in America for a while, I feel like everything is very America-centric, so being able to be exposed to content like this keeps my mind fresh and alert.

3. The Journal.

News about money, tech, and power. They have news, but mostly in story format, so some of the headlines are a little older. I like it still, though, as it gives me a bird-eye view and helos e understand more about the why and the so what behind the new pieces.

4. The Daily

Similar to The Journal. However, the news is a bit more updated and they have special Sunday editions.

5. This American Life

By now, you could already tell that I’m into story-telling, but I don’t listen to drama series or audiobooks, news, and real-life events only. This American Life is perfect for that. Every story told by Ira Glass and his colleagues are remarkably unique and amusing. Hopping from one episode to another, you could literally go from happy to sad because the range of emotions being triggered by this podcast is crazy. I love this show. Especially fit for when I’m eating and don’t want to look at my phone screens.

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