[2022/09/11] house cleaning

My biggest achievement of the day is cleaning my suite. I have been wanting to do this for a month and today I finally did it. I vacuumed and swiffer-ed the living room, the bathroom, and my room. The whole house was scented with milky lavender when I’m done and I feel like I could walk barefoot to my room for the first time ever. It was the best feeling.

And I also tutor again for the first time this semester. I helped a sophomore with Business Analytics – mostly with Tableau. The question asked us to show the LOS by location for a certain hospital unit. I thought the task wasn’t too hard, just a little confusing to be shown on a single canvas because location data was on Zip Code level, and the US map setting was too large to see the slight differences in LOS between Zip codes. Next time, if I have the chance to tackle this, I would group similar zip codes together and average the LOS by state. Then I would use sequential coloring to show that on the US Map.

KF and I also tried a Vietnamese restaurant near his house. They have delicious grilled shrimp and a few soup dishes that I think were pretty decent. We even picked up some ready-to-eat dishes on the counter for later (they were like 5 bucks each only). We will definitely be back here sometimes soon!

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