[2022/09/10] charly chickie

Today was remarkable because it’s one of the few times that I actually enjoy the arcade. For me, the arcade has always been a waste of time because I would buy like 50 buck-worth of tickets, which is about 1.5 hours of game time. And then I have to either suck up to the fact that I’m bad at body coordination or lose at 80% of the multi-player games.

However, today, KF and I did a bowling game together, in which I scored 96 – 4 points less than KF. I mostly got 8s and 1s in a turn and I excused that 8 is my birth date and my lucky number. But really would be so nice if I strike! It’s just nice that I didn’t feel sad or anything when I lost – I just felt like I could aim for 100 points next time I play bowling. Then we met up with K and A and we played a couple more games, like shooting and rhythmic dancing. My personal favorite was the hippo game, where you just push the handle and make the hippos eat the ball, or any ball throwing/shooting game. I think games that require my body to stay active or focus and not having to use too many sensory organs at once intrigued me more than the others.

The best part about the night is when KF and I exchanged the tickets we won for squishy Charly the chickie and Percy the penguin. I plan to cling wrap it when I get home so the chickie can stay squishy and clean for a long time!

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