[2022/09/08] 2 PBJ sandwiches

My day started super early because I had to catch my flight at 6.30 AM. The flight and layover were long, weird, and crowded so I was tired by the time I landed. Also, I was constantly hungry (mentally speaking), so I needed food with me always. I made 2 PBJ sandwiches so I wouldn’t have to spend extra cash on food, but I still ended up getting the mini dogs from Aunt Anne‘s at O’Hare.

There was one scene on the airplane that I want to share: the scene in which people got off in perfect order – row by row, left to right, one by one. I have never seen this. For me, getting off the plane has always been like the survival of the fittest.

Classes still went on that day, so right after I landed, I jumped onto Zoom as TN was waiting for me to join the class discussion. I didn’t talk much, mostly watching videos and hearing other people’s opinions. Still, I’m so glad that I was able to do so because this class was intellectually stimulating. We talked about experiments regarding babies conducted by Dr. Karen Wynn from Yale. Some experiments suggested that we are innately biased toward people we feel familiar with, which partially explains incidences, such as racism and stereotyping.

Then I had to attend Managerial Accounting. Every time I come to this class, I have flashbacks of Financial Accounting in Singapore. I absolutely hate that class, and now this class because they are so tedious and confusing. Lucky for me, this week and test number one is probably the last time that I will ever have to deal with journal entries again (that was what Dr. LC told us at least). Also, Dr. C is nice to us. What inconvenienced me most was the technology – idk if it wasn’t working or my friend just didn’t know how to set it up. That’s why, at one point, I had to deal with the camera pointing at the class, not the board. Anyway, I do want to spend the end of this weekend brushing up on accounting so I don’t fall behind though.

For dinner tonight, LL & GB cooked me Korean BBQ using their newly bought table + stove. We were full to an unwalkable point by the time we were done. LL reminds me of our moms a lot – they are generous and tender to us. Always take every opportunity to stuff us with food. I love her and look up to her. Yes, sometimes when we hang out together, we have to talk about my future which is quite stressful and I sometimes just want to walk away from it. But I really shouldn’t because it’s an important conversation and I can’t avoid it forever. She keeps me grounded and forward-looking. I have to say, though, the more I stay with her, the more I want to be in the US. for longer.

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